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Episode 1

Axis Podcast #1 Show notes

Intro: Axis Podcast: Encouraging you to fight everyday for your mind, your body and your soul

Workout Talk—Gym Partners

3:30—Quite time talk

9:00—Podcast/ Strengths and weaknesses/ influencing each other

11:30—Questions/ Fit eating vs. Healthy eating—“I’m eating healthy, why am I not losing weight?” 

22:00—How do I keep getting up after failing again and again? Mindset/ Character boot camp

28:00—Integrity—Keeping the promises you make to yourself

31:00—Practical advice for weight loss

39:00—Axis Podcast Fight Award of the Week

40:00—Connect with us! @annalight09 @elsimms @4titude_fitness

41:00—Last encouragement to fight! 


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