Episode 33-The Power in Believing the Truth


The Power of Believing the Truth


In this episode, we cover the next four chapters of the book Victory Over the Darkness. 

The only limit to your faith is your knowledge and understanding of God. 

Really believing will affect your walk and your talk. 

We are not called to just think positive thoughts, we are called to think the truth. 

Without God as the object of our faith, thinking positive is merely a function of the mind that cannot exceed its input and attributes. 

Positive thinking without the truth of God’s Word means it’s all in our own strength and none of us is that strong. 

You can’t control all your circumstances and relationships. You can control the inner world of your thoughts and emotions by daily allowing the peace of God to rule in your heart. 

If what we think does not reflect the truth, then what we feel does not reflect reality. 

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