Episode 48-Q&A-Being a Detective of Your Body


Answering questions about:

Being a detective of your body

Favorite snacks and drinks to keep you on track

Diets and finding what works for you

Exercise and movement for times when you don’t feel good

Healthy snack ideas 
▪️Tuna with carrots or rice cake or gluten-free crackers (can make “tuna salad” with 1/4 avocado and mustard or eat plain) 
▪️Chicken packets (pre-cooked chicken strips) 
▪️Nuts (small handful)
▪️Hard-boiled eggs 
▪️Cheese sticks or Babybel rounds
▪️Cottage cheese low fat 
▪️Greek yogurt “ranch” dip with veggies (use Greek yogurt and ranch packet) 
▪️Protein bar (One, Think Thin, Quest) 
▪️Protein shake 
▪️6 oz plain Greek yogurt with fruit 
▪️Protein ice cream (mix almond milk with a scoop of protein and freeze or blend with ice) 
▪️Protein mug cake (1 scoop protein, 1 T. cocoa, 2 T. almond milk, 2 T. egg whites, a sprinkling of baking powder, cook in microwave leaving it gooey in the middle, about 45sec) 
▪️Beef jerky 
▪️Veggies and hummus 
▪️Sprouted grain toast with laughing cow cheese wedge and tomato 
▪️Egg or egg white bites (bake in oven with veggies or sausage in mini muffin tins)

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