Episode 5

AxisPodcast #5 Show notes

Intro—Intro: Encouraging you to fight everyday for your mind, your body and your soul

.17—Workout talk 

2.12—Millionaire Hoy workouts on YouTube 

3:00—Quiet time talk 

7:30—How to get out of old grooves of thinking 

14:00—“Why Do I Struggle with This?” Blog from www.livelaughlight.com

20:00—Discipline makes us who we are

24:00—Embracing YOUR fight, enjoying the victory

27:00—Connect with us! @elsimms @4titude_fitness @annalight09 www.axispodcast.com 

29:00—Questions: “How do I recover from food guilt?” 

34:00—Setting yourself up for failure 

36:30—“How do I become more knowledgable about health and fitness and find what works for me?” 

38:00—The Worlds Healthiest Foods—Book

39:00—The Strength Training Bible for Women—Book 

40:00—It Starts with Food—book

41:30—Switch on Your Brain—book

42:20—Books by Jade Tetta 

45:00—Start somewhere 

48:00—Invest in yourself

50:00—Using your freedom to be the best you can be

52:00—Share this podcast, subscribe, review! 

54:00—Final encouragement to FIGHT! 


Anna Light