Episode 4

Axis Podcast #4 show notes

.02—Intro: Axispodcast: Encouraging you to fight everyday for your mind, your body and your soul

.21—Workout talk/ Base your decisions on your goals, not your feelings

7:30—Quiet time talk/ Faith is not feelings

15:00—Continue In_Security: Break Free from what Holds You Back

20:30— Truth will set us Free

27:00—How to recognize a lie

31:00—Using truth to counter lies

41:00 Get the book on Amazon

44:00—Connect with us! Get the workout at www.axispodcast.com @annalight09 @elsimms @4titude_fitness 

47:00— Questions: “How do I eat healthy when my family is not on board?” 

54:30—Perceived difficulty vs. actual difficulty

56:00— “How do I stay consistent in my eating?” 

1:05—Final encouragement to FIGHT! 


Anna Light