Episode 2

Axis Podcast #2 Show Notes


.55—Intro: Axis Podcast: Encouraging you to fight everyday for your mind, your body and your soul

Workout Talk

3:05—Suscribe at www.axispodcast.com for workout of the week

5:45— Quiet time talk/ Live at his feet/ Getting into the presence of God

16:50—Madaline L’Engle—Walking on Water/ Art, Prayer and Discipline

19:10—Purposeful living/ What does Axis mean? 

31:00—Questions: Time management and Priorities/ “How can a busy person do all these disciplines?” 

37:30—Identity in Christ to help fight food addiction

44:00—Staying balanced and not obsessing over weight or scale

51:30—Axis Podcast Fight Award of the Week—Nominate at www.axispodcast.com

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Anna Light