Episode 55-Best of 2018

For the kick off of 2019 we took the best of all Axispodcast had to offer and put it into one inspiring, challenging, truth-telling episode full of words of encouragement to get you started in the right direction. 

Thank you to all our guests over the last year, and thank you to all our amazing listeners! 

With the power of the risen Christ living inside of you, you can take this year by storm, because YOU... are a FIGHTER! 

We hope you enjoy episode 55-The Best of 2018! 

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Episode 54-Guest Kristen Campbell "Empowering You to Live Your Purpose"

Guest, Kristen Campbell of ChristiansDoYoga shares her story of brokenness and loss and how she found peace, life, and joy through meditating on God’s Word.

Her passion to empower you to find your purpose was born from her own feelings of emptiness and loss. Listen as she shares how she found life, purpose, and passion through daily time in the presence of God.

Check out other resources from Kristen!

Personal website: kristencampbell.net

Christians Do Yoga website: christiansdoyoga.com

Special gift just for Axis listeners - a guided meditation! christiansdoyoga.com/axis/

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Episode 53-Living with Unmet Longings

What are we supposed to do when there are things we've been made to live without? Is God holding out on us? Didn't he give us this desire? Then why isn't it being fulfilled in my life?

Have you ever asked these questions? Join us for episode 53 as we dive into this discussion.

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Episode 52-Unsettled

What do you do when things don’t go the way you planned? How can you walk in peace even on bad days? What do you do when you feel unsettled?

We discuss all these questions and more on the 52nd episode of #axispodcast live in iTunes.

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Episode 51-From Struggle to Breakthrough

Continuing our look through the book Walking with God, we look at a season of crisis and struggle and finally breakthrough and discovery.

If you've ever been through a difficult season of life (and who hasn't) this episode gives some life-giving tools to help you experience true breakthrough and freedom.

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