Episode 12- How not to be a dull person

Intro—Encouraging you to fight for your mind, your body and your soul

2.30—Workout talk

4.30—Quiet time talk

10.00—7 Habits of Highly Effective People

12.00—Habit 6 “Synergy” 

20.00—Seeing value in yourself, and others to create synergy

26.30—Synergy comes from an individual with a high sense of personal security

31.00—How to grow in synergy

34.00—Habit 7 “Sharpen the Saw” 

35.00—The four areas of focus: Physical, Spiritual, Mental, Social/Emotional

59.00—Thank you for listening, subscribing, reviewing

1.00—Connect with us @elsimms @annalight09 @4titude_fitness

101.—Final encouragement to FIGHT

Anna Light
Episode 11 The Key to Public Victories

AxisPodcast—Encouraging you to fight everyday for your mind, your body and your soul

.30—Workout talk

5.00—Quiet time talk

13.30—7 Habits of Highly Effective People overview

16.30—Habit 4 “Win-Win” 

32.0—Habit 5 “Seek First to Understand, Then Be Understood”

51.25—Connect with us! @elsimms @4titude_fitness @annalight09 www.axispodcast.com 

53.00—AxisPodcast Fight Award of the Week “Robin Meadows” nominated by Maureen Russel

59.00—#inhim challenge —FOOD

1.00—Final Encouragement to FIGHT 


Anna Light
Episode 10--Thankfulness and Cheat Meals

Intro: Encouraging you to fight everyday for your mind your body and your soul

2.00—Workout talk

5.00—Quiet time talk

8:30—Focusing on Thanksgiving in Prayer

11.30—Salt of the Earth

16.30—Comments from readers

21.40—Questions “I’m afraid of losing my progress with the big Thanksgiving meal coming. Is it ok to have a cheat meal?” 

26.00—Focusing on loving people instead of the food

32.00—“I feel guilty when I have a cheat meal. How can I overcome the guilt that comes when I eat something I shouldn’t.” 

39.30—“Help! How do I start a healthy routine for my life and family?” 

53.40—“What workout is the best workout?” 

58.45—Axis Podcast Fight Award of the week by Jamie Roberts nominating Jan Johnson

1.03—Take the “In Him” challenge (water challenge in Him) 

1.07—Connect with us! @elsimms @4titude_fitness @annalight09 www.axispodcast.com 

1.09—Final encouragement to FIGHT

Anna Light