Episode 68-Numb: Find Healing in Feeling with Kay Gackle

Episode 68 features special guest Kay Gackle.

Kay is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Florida and Oklahoma, and author of the book, Numb: Find Healing in Feeling. She has a passion to see people find freedom and get healing. Her focus has been specifically on helping individuals who have experienced sexual abuse, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and grief; as well as partnering and equipping others in the areas of parenting and relationships.

In a world where many feel numb emotionally, mentally, & spiritually, there is truth and healing to be found from feeling.

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Episode 67-Q&A with Anna & Erin
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Episode 66-Understanding God in His True Nature

What we believe becomes the reality that we experience… 

Many of us come to understand God through how we were

RAISED, our 


REFINEMENT (AKA culture) or through 


Knowing God in His true nature is so vitally important, because what you believe about God becomes the way you experience God. What you believe about God determines the extent that you will experience the free and abundant life He offers. 

Are there some things you’ve learned about God, that you need to unlearn? Join Anna and Erin as we dive into this important subject and be set free to experience and understand God in His true nature. 

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Episode 65-Growing in Emotional Maturity

So much of lives obstacles can be helped with a little more emotional maturity. Where would you describe your emotional state in areas of relationships, health, work, finances, etc.

Anna and Erin discuss the different levels of emotional maturity and how we can continue to grow in our spiritual awareness.

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Episode 64-Fitness with Lindsey Simpson

We are excited to bring you another inspiring guest to AxisPodcast. Say hello to Lindsay Simpson, a personal and online trainer for weight-loss and a behavioral change specialist. We chat about fitness, goals, simplifying the process, and bringing Christ into our health journey for life-long success.

Stay tuned till the end of the episode for a special AxisPodcast Fight Award sent in from one of our listeners.

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