Episode 60-Q and A with Anna & Erin

Answering questions about favorite products, (links below) 

Will lifting weights make me big? 

How did you write and publish your book? 

How should I schedule my workouts? 

What about a colon cleanse or detox? 

Our favorite products: 

Colloidal Silver (natural antibiotic) 


Bio-Kult Probiotic for kids


Daily Nutritional Support powder from Equilibrium Nutrition 


Greens powder


Macha Tea 


Jooba Oil for face and body 


Food Grade Peroxide for toothpaste 


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Episode 59-Defining Your Personal Purpose Statement

PURPOSE is staying PRESENT to the intersection🔀 of your

PLACE 🏠 and the 

PEOPLE👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 in your life. It includes your 

PAST 🔙 experiences and your current 

PASSIONS 💖and living it will bring you 


No matter who you are, the circumstances you’re in, or the life you find yourself living... you have a purpose!

Questions to get you started

What am I doing right now with my life? Does it make me happy? Do I feel fulfilled? 

What do I keep gravitating toward? Is it different from what I am currently doing? 

What did I like to do as a child? Do those things still bring me satisfaction? Am I dong any of them? 

What interests me most right now? 

What fills my soul? 

What can I do well? What are my unique traits and strengths? 

Brain Storming ideas for a personal purpose statement 

Identify an influential person: Identify one person who had (knowingly or unknowingly) a positive influence on your life. What are the qualities you most admire in this person? What qualities did you gain from this person? 

Define who you want to become.

Imagine it’s twenty years in the future. You have achieved all you ever hoped to achieve. What is your list of accomplishments? What do you want to have, do, and be? 

Determine what is important to you today? 

What are the ten things that are most rewarding to you today? What do you live for and love in life? 

Gather your thoughts… are there themes that emerge? 

Write a rough draft.

Come back in three days and refine your rough draft. Can you put it into one or two sentences? 

Please share with us your personal purpose statement in the comments!

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Episode 58-Purpose is Found when We Focus on Today with Brian Howard

Whether you're suffering from a form of addiction, know someone who is, or just want to live a more meaningful and purposeful life, the tools Brian gives listeners will help anyone take charge of their lives and live with a purpose.

Brian Howard MA, LADC-MH is a Licensed Alcohol, Drug, and Mental Health Counselor specializing in diagnosing and treating people afflicted with addiction, alcoholism, mental health disorders, as well as treating family members of those impacted by addiction.

Brian is in private practice in Edmond, Oklahoma where he founded and operates OneLife Treatment. OneLife Treatment is a 3-6 month treatment program specifically designed for those that are unable to go to inpatient treatment for addiction but may need more intense treatment than what is provided in traditional outpatient counseling.

The OneLife Treatment app was recently launched as a way to assist clients in their treatment while they are away from the treatment setting. In addition to clinical and professional experience, Brian also understands the impact of addiction on a personal level. Being in recovery himself allows him to connect with clients in unique ways. As he says, “Been there, done that, got the t-shirt”.

Brian has been married for 16 years to Robin Howard and has two children, Dylan and Jaxton.

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Episode 57- What Does It Mean to Live with Purpose?

In today’s world it can be overwhelming to “find your purpose” and “live your best life” and all the super, high-positive, in-your-face-“dream-big” advice about what you should be doing with your life. In this episode we discuss what it means to live a life of purpose.



PURPOSE is the intersection🔀 between your

PLACE 🏠 and the 

PEOPLE👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 in your life. It includes your 

PAST 🔙 experiences and your current 

PASSIONS 💖and living it will bring you 


No matter who you are, the circumstances you’re in, or the life you find yourself living... you have a purpose.

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Episode 56-Don't Forget Who You Are, Staying out of EXTREMES, Word of the Year

Welcome back to all our listeners new and old! This episode brings you lots to ponder…

Anna & Erin discuss how to stay out of the extremes and live a balanced life in alignment with the Holy Spirit. We share our words for the 2019 year and our hope for the podcast and how you can be a part.

Most importantly we invite you to keep fighting for your mind, body and soul and make the most of the start to the new year.

Keep fighting,

Anna & Erin

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